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Andrew Ktorides

I have worked in the leisure industry since 2001 and have been a personal trainer since 2005. I have experience in training clients who have a variety of reasons for wanting to train ie, from weight loss, muscle toning, core stability and knee rehabilitation to pre and post-natal women, in particular keeping them fit, healthy and toned whilst pregnant and then helping them regain pre-pregnancy shape after.

After football my sporting passion is running. I have completed two London marathons, The Great North Run and The Royal Parks half marathon. I enjoy entering running events throughout the year to maintain my running fitness and this can be anything from 5km races to half marathons. Training clients who are working towards running events is a passion of mine. This can be anything from a novice runner entering their first 5km to the more advanced runner entering marathons. I can personalise a programme to suit any race to a timescale and to reach certain goals from just competing to achieving a personal best.

Why choose me as your personal trainer?

I have been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2005 and I can honestly say I love my job. I am passionate and driven and am motivated by seeing my clients achieve their goals. My role is to help make this happen.

If you decide to train with me it doesn’t stop with the time you spend in the gym, as I will also design a specific programme to help you achieve results and be on hand with tips and advice as and when you need it.

How I can help you achieve your goals

I will do a full body analysis which includes a posture assessment, weight and body fat measurement.
After that I will be able to design a specific programme aimed at achieving your goals. I will also include a nutrition plan.

Your first session will be offered at a discounted price and then if you do decide to sign up I have a variety of prices and packages available.
Sessions are either for half an hour or one hour to suit whatever fits in with your lifestyle.

So if you are interested then feel free to email me on or phone me on 07967 006093.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I want to inspire people
I want someone to look at me and say

“Because of you I didn’t give up”

Specific programmes for your needs – Either half hour or 1 hour sessions


Weight Loss


Muscle Toning


Core Stability


Functional Training


Knee Rehabilitation


Postures Assessment


Nutritional Plan


Marathon Training

Spend in Gym
Happy Clients

a: 2 Summerland Gardens, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3QN
t: 079 670 060 93

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“Got in contact with Andrew to help me reach my goals of sliming down and toning up a bit too. He signed me up to his app and designed a few work out sessions for when I’m at home or at the gym by myself. I never thought I’d need a personal trainer, but Andrew made sure I was pushed to my limits and more. He also gave me great nutritional advice as well. Even during one on one sessions, I would always ask why we’re doing this exercise/workout and he would explain in full details why we’re working on this exercise/muscle group. His knowledge and expertise, is second to none and would definitely recommend anyone to Andrew. ”

John Chaplin

“I have been training with Andrew for several years now. I used to go to the gym in fits and starts, but I would get bored or find excuses not to go. I never imagined myself having a personal trainer, but in fact it was exactly what I needed to keep my motivation going.

Andrew ensures that we work on balance and flexibility as well as strength, and he varies the exercise routines in order to avoid monotony. He is particularly good at knowing when I am ready for a harder exercise or a heavier weight, and he has a calm and reassuring manner which is very good for my self-confidence. As a result my stamina and balance are much better now than when we started, and I am probably stronger than I have ever been, which is a good feeling at my age (57 at the time of writing).

There have been other benefits, which I had not anticipated. I used to get indigestion all the time; my doctor told me this was probably due to lack of exercise, and sure enough, I never get it now. I sleep better too.
Personal training with Andrew has been really beneficial for me. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get into better shape.”

Michael Egan, Charity Director

“I worked with Andrew at Highbury gym for five months and found my experience to be most productive. Andrew taught me a variety of new exercises to help me reach my goals to build strength, improve my posture and generally tone up. Andrew has a friendly and professional style. He urged me to work to my highest potential, but always in a gentle, encouraging way. I highly recommend Andrew for your personal trainer.”
Mary McFerran

“Andrew has been my personal trainer for the past two years and I have found him professional and focussed on my personal goals. He takes into account age, level of fitness and encourages one to push through barriers. He is flexible on hours and can accommodate both early mornings and late evenings and is very reliable.”
Lesley Witt

“I have been training with Andrew for five months and he’s great to train with. The sessions are enjoyable and also challenging and I have seen great results while training. I have lost weight in the key areas, toned up, increased core strength and improved my general fitness. He knows how to push me and motivate me to achieve the results I want and we work as a team. I feel that I have gained a lot from my sessions with Andrew.
If you are looking for a personal trainer that is professional and great to work with I would recommend him.”
Christine Field

“I have been training with Andrew for a year now and I find his support invaluable. He helps keep me motivated, has given me great advice on training and weight-loss and applies the right amount of guilt! Without him I would have given up on the gym ages ago- keeping the momentum is the hardest thing for me.

I have been impressed by the amount of qualifications and courses the Personal Trainers do. Andrew has passed several exams this year – it’s good to know I am in safe hands and the trainers are always at the top of their game.

It is affordable and combined with my gym membership, the classes and swimming I am never short of things to do and different types of activity to keep my interest. The personal training adds that extra bit of push to keep me going and make sure all the activities I do work together.”
Cllr Laura Willoughby MBE

“I first started attending Highbury gym with the Steps programme about six months ago and had Andrew as my trainer. Once I finished Steps, I started seeing Andrew once a week as my personal trainer. Since then I have lost two stone, am much fitter and feel better about myself. Andrew has given me a routine to follow, which I find very useful as it is helping me attain my own personal goals. He has been supportive throughout and motivates me to continue with my programme (even when I don`t feel like it – we all have those moments!).

My life has truly changed since I started exercising at the gym with Andrew: I have been told I look younger, am most definitely slimmer (I’ve gone down two dress sizes) and have a more positive attitude to life in general – and all this at the tender age of 59, having done no exercise for at least 8 years!

I can really recommend Andrew as a trainer- he has a gentle but firm attitude, which certainly has produced the right results for me.”
Linda Kent

“I have used Andrew as a personal trainer for just over a year. In this time I have seen great results. Andrew pushes me to my limit and motivates me during workouts to achieve my goals of a more defined and lean looking body.

I would highly recommend Andrew as a professional trainer.”
James Hoskin-Goode

“Having worked with Andrew intensively for the past 6 months I can highly recommend his expertise. In this short time period I have achieved numerous weight loss and strength gain objectives which would not otherwise have been possible without his help.

Andrew has been on-hand for any advice I’ve needed, at any time I’ve needed it – both inside and outside of the gym. We train multiple times a week whereby Andrew keeps the sessions varied and pushes me to my limits each and every single time. Each session includes new exercises to keep me motivated and help keep my body guessing. This has been fantastic fun.

Andrew is flexible with his schedule and has been willing on multiple occasions to help ensure I can still train despite those other things that can crop up in life and otherwise prevent me from doing so. He has helped me understand the importance of my diet and has helped me design nutritional plans to support and optimize exactly what we do inside the gym.

Andrew’s commitment to the above has enabled me to vastly improve my level of general fitness, achieve my goals and motivate me to go on and achieve even more.”
Oliver Corton

“Andrew is a fabulous PT, he calm, professional and creates a really structured plan which is tailored to your personal goals! Definitely recommend!”
Alexis Jamgotchian

“I spent about two years working with Andrew. He worked with my partner and I to incorporate both of our goals into our routines. He does an excellent job both in person and virtual, and he was absolutely invaluable during the pandemic. Andrew is great at adapting any routine to your needs – especially being aware of injuries and finding suitable alternate exercises.”
Travis Kupsche

“Training with Andrew is a pleasure. As a fellow runner, he knows how to prep me for PRs on race day, recover afterwards, and keep me strong and healthy between. He’s consistently responsive and flexible, offering both in-person and online classes that adapted to my always-changing schedule.”
Usama Hajj

“Andrew is an amazing trainer. For someone who had not even been regularly to a gym, he was encouraging and patient and at times demanding. He has helped me transform the way I see fitness now as a part of life rather than a twice weekly activity. I would recommend him very highly for his expertise and professionalism.”
Saurabh Jain FRCOphth FHEA

“Andrew has been my Personal Trainer for 7 years. I’ve always found him motivating and constructive in helping me achieve my goals. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness, helped me build muscle strength and make good progress on a structured programme of cardio. Crucially for me, he was able to be flexible around my freelance work life. He is unfailingly courteous. I would recommend him highly.”
Ellen Faber

“I had a knee injury from playing hockey. Training with Andrew, with his focus on strengthening my knee, has accelerated my recovery a lot faster than working with a physiotherapist for three months.

Andrew has an amazing ability to detect excuses and has got me to fully commit to the changes I want to make and the goals I want to achieve regarding my fitness. He has a really smart approach to training, which consistently nudges me beyond what I think I can do; an amazing method that delivers constant improvement and results. Training with Andrew is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!”
Tomi Isacs

“I was first introduced to personal training after suffering a serious ankle sprain whilst playing football. After struggling to overcome the injury for some time I decided to seek advice from a personal trainer at Highbury Pool and Fitness Centre and was introduced to Andrew Ktorides. After a few weeks focussing on my ankle in training with Andrew I started to notice a difference, not only to my ankle but to my weight as well.

I had been aware of my steady weight gain over a few years but had always struggled to find the motivation to do anything about it. As my ankle improved Andrew started moving me on to more overall body fitness and conditioning.
After 18 months of training with Andrew I have dropped nearly 2 stone in weight and have seen a significant change in my overall body composition. I have also gained a passion for working out that I was never able to achieve in the past.

I would absolutely recommend Andrew as a personal trainer to anyone looking to make changes to their body, health and attitude.”
Alan Adams

“I have been working with Andrew for the past 18 months and have seen a vast improvement in my strength. When I first started training with him I could barely do 2 press ups!
He is very personable and friendly and I really look forward to our sessions. As well as working with me to get stronger, he also offers helpful advice on my cardio goals and diet. We do varied exercises and it never gets boring.
It’s great to work with someone who understands your goals and helps you achieve them.”
Lina Slim

“I began training with Andrew a year ago, after just having injured my Iliotibial (IT) Band whilst marathon training and had to defer the marathon to this year. My goal was to therefore strengthen my legs and to successfully complete the marathon this April, which I couldn’t have done without the weekly training sessions with Andrew and lots of his encouragement. Andrew helped me achieve my goal by tailoring a programme in which I developed my core strength, flexibility and significantly improved my leg strength. Every week was different, with a new exercise added or changed so it was always interesting and challenging and kept me motivated.

As well as the training sessions, Andrew also designed a marathon training programme for me from 16 weeks to the day of the marathon and was even there to cheer me along on the day! I successfully completed the marathon in the time I wanted to achieve and have had no further problems with my IT band. I would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone wanting that extra bit of motivation and encouragement to help them achieve their goals.”
Sophie Cameron-Mowat

“My weekly training sessions with Andrew have helped me see far greater results far faster than if I’d been left to my own devices. Andrew tailored a programme specifically to my goals and, by evolving it constantly as I progress, he’s kept the sessions both challenging and varied. His encouragement means I push myself much harder than I otherwise would and his attention to making sure I exercise in the correct way also pays dividends when I train alone. Work can be hectic and means it’s very easy to let other things slide, but I’ve found the progress I’ve made with Andrew’s support, and the commitment of a weekly session have kept my momentum going.
I’ve now been training with Andrew for a little over two years – I wouldn’t have lasted two months without Andrew’s help.”
Dave Hodgkinson

“I was recommended to Andrew by another trainer who was moving abroad. In the 10 months I’ve been training with him my health has improved dramatically during this time. My personal goals were to improve muscle mass and overall fitness. Andrew’s program has helped me achieve this with positive, incremental results.

We are now at a point where we can target specific strength and training goals having achieved a good baseline fitness level. Andrew’s program of ‘Total Fitness’ is effective and it works. I look forward to continuing to train with him.”
Rob King

“Andrew was recommended to me to help chiefly with strength training and my over-all fitness. Andrew bravely took on the job of tuning-up my early 40’s, exercise shy and injury prone form, into someone with far better over-all strength and also a clear grasp of my future fitness goals.

Andrew is really good at pushing you to the point that you need to be pushed. He’s great at keeping sessions fun, whilst also ensuring that you do the work and gain a better understanding of how to look after your fitness outside the sessions.

My strength has greatly improved, and also my desire for continued fitness has increased thanks to an excellent 10 months working with Andrew.

Highly, Highly recommended..”
Joh Broke

“I have been training with Andrew for almost three years and even though I have now moved out of the country he continues to offer me training tips and motivation! When I started training I just wanted to “get in shape” and had no specific goals. Andrew helped me adjust my attitude and commit to the goal of running the London Marathon. He constantly motivated, supported and encouraged me throughout the process and gave me tips on exercise outside of our sessions, put together a comprehensive training program and was able to give knowledgeable advice on nutrition. Since training with Andrew I have run three half marathons and the London Marathon – I would never have thought any of that possible before! He constantly pushes me to think of new goals and helps me achieve them; I can now say I am a sub 2 hour half marathon runner! Training with Andrew has been fantastic and has helped me approach exercise in a much more positive, motivated and driven way.”
Lucy Handley

“I have trained with Andrew for two and a half years. Although I was a keen runner and enjoyed the gym my busy lifestyle meant I found I never achieved the results I wanted as I lacked consistency with my training.

I began training with Andrew to lose weight, and improve my strength and tone. Over two years with Andrew’s help, I achieved many of my goals. When I became pregnant Andrew was able to adapt our twice weekly sessions to enable me to maintain my strength and fitness. He always took into account the physical changes I was going through. This enabled me to enjoy training safely well into my pregnancy.

Andrew is very encouraging and personable and I would recommend training with him whatever your goals.”
Emily Lillis

“With his experience in the field, in November I asked Andrew to help me to improve my 10K times for a particular road race the following May. Andrew created a bespoke training plan for me and helped to implement it. The training regime was a mix of exercises I was already aware of with a few specialist exercises that he thought would be useful overall.

I was able to knock 2:30 minutes off my personal best time for 10K within 6 months of starting the training.

Overall Andrew has kept improving my running times and has kept my general fitness levels high, along with a useful weight loss spin-off.

I have been particularly impressed with Andrew’s constant reviewing of our training programme to go further in some areas where appropriate and to take it easier in other parts where I am not as strong. This has helped to keep injuries to a minimum (I have never gone so long without an injury in 25 years of running!) thereby helping with reduced running times.

Andrew has a very relaxed and approachable manner and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a Personal Trainer.”
Nadi Jahangiri

“I first started training with Andrew in the lead-up to my wedding. I found it instantly motivating, as I enjoyed the sessions and saw results really quickly. Andrew encouraged me to push harder than I would when training alone, which helped me to make real progress with my fitness. I dropped a dress size, toned up and felt really good in my wedding dress.

I would certainly recommend him to any bride-to-be!

Two years on and I still train with Andrew. He continues to motivate me and is dedicated to helping me achieve my goals.”
Jessica Gregory-Smith

“After having a membership for Highbury gym for over six months, I found I wasn’t going at all because I lost my motivation. I approached Andrew to conduct personal training sessions for me as a way to get more motivated, to get back into the gym, and to improve my fitness.

Since starting PT with Andrew my fitness has improved dramatically. I have noticed definition in my arms and legs and I have also increased my fitness.
Andrew is a great trainer as well. He develops a great rapport with his clients but is also firm when he needs to be. Andrew also knows how to push you in a positive way to get the results that you know you want.

I would highly recommend Andrew as a trainer to get the results you want!”
Kelly Fidock

“I started my plan with Andrew as I’d been going to the gym for months and wasn’t really seeing much of a difference.

The first thing we did was look at my diet and the key areas I needed to improve on, then we were all set working on my fitness plan.

To say it changed my perception of food and training is an understatement; he even got me to run and enjoy it too!….. Something I’ve always hated.

Within 2 weeks I was getting compliments from friends and colleagues!
Andrew wasn’t only there during the sessions, he checked in re: diet and also encouraged me to stay motivated.

I honestly couldn’t recommend him enough!!!!!!!!”
Lindsi Healy



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